A downloadable game for Windows

Pigeons are tired of the human race and ready to take revenge! Try to get the highest score possible by shitting on their heads! Do you see someone carrying food? Dive down to steal it! More ammo for you to shoot them with! Try to beat your own highscore by shitting on as many heads as possible!


WASD - flying around the level

SPACE - Action Button / Firing button

Note: Game is now updated with a more PC friendly interface and well explained controls!

Currently known bugs:

- Sprite sometimes disappears when being shat on.

People who worked on the project:


Anouk van Gool

Conor Blank

Imke Scheijen

Franka Vleeshouwers

Script writing:

Cynthia van Hees

Lars Hulsmans

Install instructions

Open the ZIP file and extract "Shit Happens" wherever you'd like (such as your desktop). Open the folder and double click on ShitHappens.exe. Have fun playing our silly little game!


Shit happens 26 MB


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Here's me play, dis game am the shit in't it!?

Great game

I played it on Youtube in German. Hope you like it.

Thank you for this entertaining pleasure.

No problem, thanks for playing!

great game.

i love it .

<3 <3

Thank you!

Thanks for making fun game :)

I really like it.

Watch me plays this game on Youtube

Thank you!

I don't know you guys really check my video. Thanks a lot.

I'm sorry i speak bahasa Indonesia in that video.

I really like your game, I enjoyed it A LOT. Hahahahahaha


Thanks for making good game, thanks for doing a big effort for this game. I think everybody will enjoy your game too. and Thanks for making me smile again.

Thanks a lot for making this game for us.

Once again....Thanks

It's okay, I'm glad you added subtitles haha :) Made it a lot easier to understand what was going on!